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Blue Ribbon Travel was established in 1975 and has been helping to create travel memories for the last 38 years. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service for all of our clients. We look forward to adding you to our long history of satisfied customers.

Blue Ribbon Travel is an all-inclusive travel agency. Let us take care of the details for your vacation; your only job is to have fun!

Angela, Barbara, Carl, Jo-Ann and Lorraine would love to have you stop by for a visit, get to know us, and discover the agency that can plan travel “as YOU like it.”

Whitestone Travel Agents

Jo-Ann DeStefano


Jo-Ann DeStefano started her career as a travel agent nearly 30 years ago. She worked at her first agency 27 years before being hired by Blue Ribbon Travel. Jo-Ann pays great attention to details, which is very important for booking leisure travel, which is what she loves and is her niche.

Jo-Ann has been to mostly every Caribbean island, she’s been all over the United States and Europe. In her free time Jo-Ann loves crafting, dancing and fine dining. “I love being with my husband, family, and I love babysitting my nieces and nephews’ children.” Jo-Ann has one of the most important qualities for a travel agent, loyalty. “I’ve been helping the same clients for 25 to 30 years.” When asked by her clients to describe Jo-Ann, most would say efficient, patient, and knowledgeable. She pays particular attention to assuring all their personal requests are met.

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Lorraine Engelman

Lorraine Engelman started her career as a travel agent nearly 33 years ago. “I started doing personal travel and then I moved into corporate travel which I love. Then I got involved years later in conference and convention planning. The conference and convention planning, it’s my niche. I work with six associations and I’m a excellent negotiator. I continue to do both personal and corporate travel as well.”

Lorraine has been to most of Spain and Portugal, France, England and Belgium. “I’ve been on 10 cruises, so cruising is my favorite way to travel. I’ve cruised through Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean.”

Lorraine has been married for 38 years. “I have two children, a son who’s 37 and a daughter who’s 34.” Both children are married and she has one grandchild. When Lorraine is not working she likes singing, movies and Soduko. “I’m also a Broadway fanatic, I’ve seen almost every Broadway show.” When asked by her clients to describe Lorraine, most would say she is “efficient, determined, patient and pleasant to talk to.”

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Barbara Nadel (Tepper)

Barbara Nadel started her career as a travel agent nearly 40 years ago. “I was very young when I became a travel agent. I really enjoyed it so I decided to stay with it.” Her first job was in Manhattan, in a very corporate environment. She eventually moved into leisure travel and now books vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and many places around the world. “I get a lot of referrals. I definitely like to deal one on one, and in the leisure world having a conversation with my clients about their likes and dislikes is very important in helping me guide them to the perfect vacation.  My clientele has built up through all my years in the business, and I have a lot of wonderful clients. The vacation side of the business is where my concentration is now.”

Barbara’s clients are very fortunate to have her plan their travel. She pays incredible attention to detail, which is important in leisure travel bookings. She gets it done right while suggesting things her clients wouldn’t have thought of. That’s why she’s one of the top agents at Blue Ribbon Travel.

Barbara has been to most of the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, all throughout California and other states in the US, as well as  Paris, Amsterdam, and  London. “I loved Mexico, I loved Jamaica, I loved Amsterdam and Paris. Vancouver and Seattle were also great. I look forward to visiting more countries in Europe.”

When Barbara is not working she really likes to cook. “I also like to exercise, dance, and walk.” When asked by her clients to describe Barbara, most would say “outgoing, fun and very warm.”

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Angela Scheck

Angela Scheck started her career as a travel agent nearly 18 years ago. She was looking for a part-time job because she had young children, and an opportunity to get into the travel industry fell into her lap. She has been a loyal agent of Blue Ribbon Travel from the very beginning of her career. Angela has developed an expertise in corporate travel. “I prefer corporate travel, they tell you the dates they need to travel and where they need to go. However, it’s still very challenging to be successful booking so many people, to so many locations and yet keeping them all happy.”

Those companies fortunate enough to have Angela plan their travel, are not only amazed by her attention to details, but her wonderful sense of humor. She gets it done right while making her clients look forward to working with her.

Angela has been just about every place in the Caribbean. “Well, I love to cruise. As long as I’m on a ship, I’m a happy person. We’ve cruised on every cruise line, my husband and I.”

Graduating Queens College, Angela was a paralegal for 20 years before starting in the travel industry. Married with two children, Angela has been on many family vacations. “Hawaii several times and we’ve been to Disney many, many times.” Angela is a devoted reader. “I love to read about three or four books a week. I would say my favorite books to read would be mysteries.” When asked by her clients to describe Angela, most would say “professional, organized and warm.”

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Carl Schwartz


Carl Schwartz started his career as a travel agent nearly 31 years ago. “I wanted to be a travel agent because I was very  interested in different cultures, different people, and I love seeing different parts of the world, and I felt this was a great way to incorporate all three.”

His first job was with another agency, where he spent 28 years developing his expertise. “My expertise is in booking  independent tours through Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. I enjoy working for Blue Ribbon Travel because they pride themselves on being a service oriented business and that is very important to me.

Carl is well traveled himself. “Some my favorite places were Egypt, Bora-Bora and everywhere  in Europe. I just love that I’ve been to Europe 48 times. The city of Paris is my favorite place in the world. I’ve been there eight times.”

Carl is a graduate of  Queens College. When he is not working Carl loves to go out to good restaurants with his friends. When asked by his clients to describe Carl, most would say “he is caring to our needs, intuitive and has good judgment.”

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Tara Savage

Tara Savage

Tara Savage became a travel consultant after beginning her career in the airline industry. She then moved to a different aspect of the industry, travel agent. She learned not only more about travel, but more about herself. Self discovery led Tara to become a consultant with a major travel retailer for several years, and further discovery brought her to Blue Ribbon Travel Levittown, where she instinctively knew, she would have the opportunity to grow and realize her potential.

One of the things Tara learned is that she thoroughly enjoys working with people rather than sitting in a cubicle with a keyboard. Helping people plan a vacation gave her a sense of satisfaction. She realized that she could combine her people skills with her travel savvy and her interest in adventure to create a niche that suited her to a “T”! Tara is happiest when she herself is having an adventure. She has traveled to Alaska, Fiji, New Zealand, Iceland, most of the Caribbean and Mexico in search of an active, fun and educational vacation. Her next favorite thing is planning an adventure for someone else – Tara has the gift of seeing EVERY trip as an adventure, even if it involves nothing more strenuous than swinging in a hammock under a palm tree. If she isn’t planing an adventure you will most likely find her researching a new and unfamiliar location… you never know where you’ll find your next adventure.

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